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Head to head contact is how head lice is spread. Ask us how to help prevent head lice in your childs school.
About Us
Helping Hands Head Lice Removal is based on the belief that our customers' needs are of the utmost importance. Our entire team is committed to meeting those needs of head lice and nit removal.  As a result, a high percentage of our business is from customer referrals.
It is our hope that we can be of service to you as well.
                                             Our Story
Why did you start your business?
As a mother myself I saw the need for a head lice and nit removal service. After battling my daughter’s head lice infestation only to feel defeated when nothing worked I then decided to find a way to help other families.
What makes you different than other similar businesses in your community?
The helping hands lice removal team is made up of mothers, licensed professionals and educators. All employees are required to submit to a background check, because your family’s safety is always our first concern. We offer a mobile head lice and nit removal service, as well as manufacture our own non-toxic head lice treatment products and retail other well-known brands. Helping Hands Lice Removal, also conduct educational seminars to medical and salon professionals. Helping Hands takes great pride in our community and strives to provide the best service to family's at an affordable price. 
All household members and other close contacts should be checked for signs of head lice, those with evidence of active head lice infestation should be treated.
The treatment we provide removes head lice & nits, which is essential to prevent re infestation. We use only natural head lice removal products that are safe for even the smallest member of your family. Most treatments can be performed in 2 hours depending on length and thickness of hair. Why struggle for days to try and rid your family of head lice when  we can do it in as little as 2 hours.
After the first head lice removal treatment, a re treatment is recommended within 7 to 10 days. We can perform the re treatment , or we can give you instruction  and tools on how to perform head lice removal treatment for yourself.
How do I clean my home to rid head lice?
Homes don't get head lice – people do.  Head lice are human parasites and require human blood to survive.  Vacuuming is the  best way to remove lice or fallen hairs with attached nits from upholstered furniture, rugs, stuffed animals or car seats.  Pesticidal sprays are not necessary . You can also place combs, brushes and hair bows in a zip lock bag and place them in the freezer for 24 hours. Wash bed linens in hot water and dry on highest heat setting for 30 mins.
Do I need to bag all stuffed and related items?
Experts use to suggest bagging items such as stuffed animals for a number of weeks to help bring infestations under control.  Since lice cannot survive without human blood, this is unnecessary.
How are head lice spread?
Head lice are spread by head to head contact or sharing personal belongings. Head Lice do not jump or fly.
Do head lice transmit disease?
While many have thought head lice to be only a nuisance, recent scientific study refutes this notion. DNA technology shows head lice to be the same species as the notorious body louse which has long been associated with diseases such as typhus and relapsing fever.  The potential for disease transmission via the head louse should not be underestimated.
Do pets get head lice?
What does a nit or egg look like?
Nits look like tiny yellow, tan, or brown oval shaped dots before they hatch. After hatching, the remaining shell looks white or clear. Lice lay nits on hair shafts close to the scalp, where the temperature is perfect for keeping warm until they hatch. Nits can look like dandruff, only they can't be removed by brushing or shaking them off.
Can head lice move to other parts of the body?
No, head lice can only live on the human head.
A head lice nit on the hair
Head lice nit on the hair shaft                                                                                                                                                    Call today for an appointment!
 Head Lice and Nit Removal Service
Our head lice tech's are mothers themselves and understand your situation and are here to help.
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